Roller shutters offer a stylish way to cover your windows as well as being an effective way to insulate your home. The foam filled aluminium roll formed slats are mounted on the outside of the window and provide protection from the sun during the summer keeping your home cool.

They also provide an effective insulator for your windows during winter, keeping the heat inside your home, therefore reducing the need to consistently run your homes heater. Window shutters also offer security as your windows are protected from any unwanted visitors, vandalism, and burglary attempts. It provides protection against wind, rain and fire and protects the window from harsh sun damaging the interiors.

Their lightweight roller shutters are extremely sturdy, providing excellent insulation, privacy, light and airflow control, noise reduction, and protection from bushfires and storms.

They also give you control over the effects of the environment within your home or building by preventing the sunlight from fading carpets and other interior furnishings, as well as providing a long-term protection for window frames.

The shutters can be controlled either manually or electronically from within your home or building, which adds enhanced security. And their low voltage, Ozroll Drive System makes them simple for the whole family to operate.

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